Infrared Inspections

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Closer Look Home Inspection offers professional Thermal/Infrared Inspections for residential, industrial and commercial clients.

Inspections use the science of thermal infrared technology that is currently being used in the Breaker Panel in Plant City with Hot Breakers.   We have provided our clients, whether they are Realtor, buyers, sellers, property manager, commercial owners, investors, who have a vested interest in the properties we inspected, to give them the necessary information about the thermal aspects of their properties.

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Weather conditions are a major reason for having a Closer Look Thermal Infrared Inspection completed.   Florida weather ranges from heavy rains, high winds, direct sunshine, high temperatures and the occasional cold weather.  All these conditions can have an adverse effect on these buildings.

We can provide you with the information needed to help control your energy costs as well as catch a problem with your building before it becomes a larger problem. Our regular home inspections are visual inspections of what we can see. A Thermal Infrared Inspection can help you see what is inside the walls, roof or other areas where these problems may be occurring.

Thermal Infrared Inspections focus on but are not limited to:

Water and Moisture Intrusion behind walls
Moisture intrusion issues involving both flat and pitched roofs
Electrical system issues by scanning components for hot spots
Insulation issues in wood frame wall and ceilings to determine areas where insulation is missing or other issues being present
Exterior inspections of a building envelope to determine the tightness of the building…loss of heat or air conditioning
HVAC scans to determine if the system is “Leaking” heat or air conditioning in the living space or in the attic from the duct-work
Certified Energy Audits
And much more to come….

Having a Property Inspection East perform a Thermal Infrared Inspection can provide you with invaluable information when it comes to your building or home.   Do you have a plumbing leak from improperly installed pipes, missing insulation over the master bedroom causing it to be warmer in your home or structural issue on the exterior wall of your office building.   Call us today to have a  Thermal Infrared Inspections.

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