Moisture Tests


Why Do I Need an Inspection?

Signs and symptoms of moisture intrusion are often hidden, and most homeowners are not aware that moisture intrusion is occurring and causing damage to the home. While this is especially true with stucco homes, moisture testing on all types of homes is the best way to minimize the risk of water damage and identify problems before they become serious. Identified early on, preventative measures can be taken to stop the damage.

Home Buyers

Fewer Surprises Help Provide Peace of Mind!  Like any investment, buying a home involves taking a risk. Lessen that risk by knowing if moisture problems will require expensive repairs. See why making the decision to have your home tested will help ensure you make a sound investment.

Home Sellers

Want a Competitive Edge on The Housing Market? There is no doubt there are more houses on the market today than ever. As a seller, you need to do everything you can to set your home apart from the rest.Get a leg up on the competition by having your home tested for moisture problems prior to listing.

Real Estate Professionals

More Sales, Less Negotiation, Reduced Listing Time. A growing number of agents now suggest pre-listing inspections to sellers. The reason is simple – a quality moisture inspection benefits everyone involved. Furthermore, sellers who’ve had a pre-listing inspection are likely to sell homes more quickly and with fewer surprises.

moisture spots

Is Your Investment Rotting Away?

If your home is less than 10 years old, it’s important to have your home moisture tested before the warranty from the builder runs out.  Water intrusion problems can occur even if you don’t see or smell any symptoms of moisture.

Why Do I Need a Qualified Inspector?

Certifications and training are important because using the correct tools and testing in the right places is imperative to accurately assessing a home’s condition. Unfortunately, moisture inspectors are not required to be certified, licensed or trained on how to assess the condition of a home. The inspection field has many unscrupulous operators taking advantage of homeowners.   An certified, and licensed inspector gives you and your buyers peace of mind in the results of the professional moisture inspection.  Call Us Today!



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